Here is link to 25 Ways To Ask Your Kids “So How Was School Today?” 25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today?


Khan Academy is a great site that can be used to help kids work on a variety of academic skills. It uses videos along with verbal explanations of a wide variety of topics – from simple addition up to decimals and even calculus! It also has videos that can spark kids’ interest in different topics in the areas of science and also the humanities. Check it out!

You can access the videos online on your computer at

You can also download an app for your iPad or iPhone and the details are available here:

Below are a list of links for on line games for specific skill areas:

Writing Links:

Math Links:

Spelling Links

Brain Games (memory, auditory skills, processing, attention, etc.)

Vocabulary Links:

Creative Projects:

Keyboarding Links:

Science Links:

History/Geography Links:

Research Links:

Reading Links:

Social Skills: